Break a Leg is a school for hiphop and modern dances

  • Founded in October 2008.

  • More than 400 dancers of all ages, starting from 4 and up to 50 attend a program in Break a Leg.

  • Our coreographers are professional dancers and graduate pedagoguess with the education in ballet and modern dances.

  • During our 13 years of existance we've won numerous awards at both national and international competitions.

Our mission is:

  • Promotion of hiphop culture in Macedonia and western BalkanПромоција на танцот. 
  • Organizing international dance competitions, dance workshops, educational lectures by known coreogrraphers,
  • Engaging a physical activity that's crucial for a well psychophysical development of young generations.


Our team consists of professional dancers and graduate pedagogues in ballet and modern dance education. Our teachers Andrijana, Ivana, Elena, Rumena, Ana, Simona, Simona and Stefani will teach you how to dance hiphop, ballet, modern ballet as well as the wedding dance. 

HIPHOP  - Hiphop groups differ in age range, and start from 4-7, 8-11, 12-15 years old as well as hiphop for adults.

BALLET AND MODERN BALLET  - For all the future ballerinas, classic and modern ballet classes with Andrijana Petkovski, ballet pedagogue and a soloist at Macedonian Opera and Ballet. 
WEDDING DANCE  - Our team is responsible for preparing couples for their first dance. Besides that, we offer a professional performance at weddings as well as guests animation.
Dance to be full of energy!
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During our 13 years of existance we've won numerous awards at both national and international competitions. Some of them are:

Our teachers and students have performed at numerous events in the country as well as internationally.
Healthy lifestyle and practicing sports are the most important prerequisite for the maintenance of our health. Dancing is the perfect base for future development of children, for creating habits during the teen age, for raising consciousness and manintaining a satisfactory level of sports activity while transfering from the second to the third decade of life.Здравиот начин на живот и спортувањето се најважни предуслови за заштита на нашето здравје. 

What are the benefits of dance?

● coordination, flexibility and upgraded motor skills

● upgraded stamina, strength and muscle tonus

● upgraded functionality of the white blood cells
● socializing and team work